If you are going to buy my book through the tax dodgers of Amazon where it is up for pre-order, the please do it through these links. I will earn about thruppence ha’ppeny per copy but I don’t earn anything from the publishers on royalties. I am waiting to hear if I can buy them wholesale but knowing how Amazon can buy and then sell retail at less than average wholesale price, not pay any tax and then I get a bill from Her Majesty asking for more cash so I can’t see me bothering. This is what is wrong with the world…anyway, if you are going to buy it….



Personally I would wait myself…and in the mean time you could listen to this tune that entertained me tonight…

Keep on keeping on people

I can feel Satan clasping his hands around my soul as I sell it for a nickel and a dime…perhaps this is more appropriate…



  1. Anonymous 1 year ago has the wrong description up?

  2. Peter Warren 1 year ago

    In what way? Looks ok on my screen….

  3. Anonymous 1 year ago

    Next project: PW bonsai tunes compilation cd. Theo

  4. Aaron from Toronto 1 year ago

    Tried to pre-order from the USA link but doesn't take Canadian orders. Any advice? We wants it.

  5. Aaron from Toronto 1 year ago

    I found this link… do you get the same benefit from using this as the links you posted?;=UTF8&qid;=1396627643&sr;=1-8&keywords;=bonsai

  6. marcus watts 1 year ago

    offer signed and numbered ones my satanic friend – worth a few pieces of silver extra – limit the edition to the amount you can be bothered to do lol – nice tunes 😉

  7. Anonymous 1 year ago

    On my screen the book description bit talks about a book called "step by step bonsai"

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