A slightly intermittent and occasionally off topic blog about the life of a professional bonsai artist, trees, the occasional philosophical musing and some teaching points thrown in when you are not looking.

Youtube Donate Page

By Peter Warren   30 March 2020

Donating for Zoom classes to help us keep teaching

Wabi - Sabi and how it relates to Suiseki

By Peter Warren   06 September 2018

A reprint of an article written for the Aiseki- Kai about the concepts of Wabi - Sabi and how it may relate to suiseki practice

Bonsai and Mental health

By Peter Warren   08 August 2018

Reconnecting with nature is one of the key aspects of bonsai. It does more for us than we realise at times.

Installation at Japan House

By Peter Warren   21 June 2018

A wild piece of natural beauty in a modern architectural space. British Bonsai meets Japan House, on High Street Kensington

Satsuki Time

By Peter Warren   11 June 2018

Too late to beg you or cancel it, Though I know it must be the Satsuki time Unwillingly mine

Website Renewal and back to the blog

By Peter Warren   11 June 2018

Forgoing the easy throwaway nonsense on Facebook, the website has been update in time for Japan House and a return to longer posts.

Organic pest removal

By Peter Warren   15 May 2014

A no nonsense post for once. No jokes. No messing. Just solid information. A break from the norm for once.

A massive barrel of laugh from the past

By Peter Warren   29 April 2014

A discussion of solitude, loneliness and the importance of understanding death when looking at the art of living trees.

A genuine look at fertilising

By Peter Warren   03 April 2014

A brief but genuine look at fertilisation, pH, and the importance of targeted use of fertiliser.