Bonsai Focus Juniper

Over the last six years Peter has featured in many Bonsai Focus articles, some of which can be found on the media page. This tree however is one that did not make it as far as the magazine, although not through lack of trying. Originally an imported Juniper, it had become weak and had lost both shape and branches.

The initial work, performed a year before these photographs were taken consisted of separating the live vein from the top section of jin and bending it down. Branches were selected and some allowed to grow freely. After a year, the two elongated shoots on the left were wired with one single wire and bent and pruned to shape the entire left side with a single wire. The right hand side was selectively pruned and had structural wire applied. It was transplanted into a smaller pot and was then allowed to grow.

Unfortunately this was the last I was to see of the tree as the owner decided to sell it and the plan to display it in Noelanders within another two years was lost. The work shows the importance of understanding the growth habits of each individual species and being able to use those to expedite the creative process. In this case, the healthy foliage mass and the presence of elongated shoots enabled a once sick tree to take a major step towards rejuvenation with just one wire and careful pruning.