Cascade Spruce

This is a collected tree from Europe, Picea Abies, that I was asked to work on behalf of a Spanish based client who has similar tastes to myself. I had shown an interest in the characterful tree on a visit to his garden and asked the trees history. It was starting to stagnate as he wasn’t sure where to go with it and so asked for my help to refine the tree. In order to bring out the best of the tree, a slight change in planting angle was required to show off the dead wood to its best and some kind of cohesion between the upper and lower sections. As a result the apex of the lower tree was brought up and foliage pads created.

Spruce are notoriously difficult to refine and a softly softly approach is best taken with regular pinching and control of growth through scissors and healthy growth rather than excessive wiring of tertiary branches.


Here is a super shaky video I made of the tree. I do bonsai not filming…