DK videos…featuring

DK videos…featuring
bonsai illustration

my monotonous drone.  As part of the promotional push for the book, we filmed a video at the last photo shoot of me hacking up a Chinese Elm.  It tuned out kind of alright in the end, it was a right bag of cats initially and by the end it looked like something resembling a new style of bonsai. Anyway, they made a video of it and I went into do a voice over a couple of weeks back. It’s so much easier when you have a script in front of you.

The videos were very professionally finished by Becky at DK and are worth a watch just for my ridiculous introduction…

It’s amazing just how much better things are when done by professionals…unlike my attempts at website renewal which ended up wasting more of my life than I think healthy…anyway, enjoy.

If you watch it on youtube, click the captions button for some random messages from another planet…”I mines peas 1 coupons are professional and mice that in Japan trouble was the world teaching bonsai”


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