Gekkan Satsuki

In the spring of 2011 I was asked by the editor of the only monthly satsuki magazine, Gekkan Satsuki Kenkyu, if I wanted to do a photo shoot while I was there.  They liked two of the last three that I had done for them and they wanted to feature me again.  Who was I to say no? Luckily there was an auction a few days later so I had chance to go and get some material.  I was a bit disappointed as all the trees were either finished or too raw and nothing really captured my imagination…except for one Osaka-zuki which I managed to pick up after begging the seller, a friend of the garden to let me have it cheap in exchange for a mention in the article.

The work itself was fun and I enjoyed it, the branch movement in the tree was natural and peeling away layer upon layer from the tree, it soon became clear that there was a great tree inside.  A minimal wiring job was done, I was right at the start of my “must use less wire” phase.

The final planting on the Kurama stone was perfect and when I came back six months later, the tree was in full bloom and super vigorous.  A success for all involved.  I asked the Chief to keep the tree so I could import it into the UK in a few years, but when I returned in November, it had mysteriously disappeared…where are you now?