Hush now child…

Hush now child…

After the previous blog post about thinking of a different way to approach teaching in the UK, which was stimulated by various conversations up at Rochester, I have discussed it with a few people and decided to set up some more intensive sessions designed to improve the level of those who want it.  I was told to pull my finger out of my ass and step up a little, something which I know I need to do.  Somebody told me something recently to do with fish as well which was advice well heeded.

The idea is that they will be a departure from the standard workshop format and cover one topic to a great degree. I want to keep away from the word “school” as that has some negative images for some, but there will, and needs to be both a combination of practical and theoretical concepts, some of which will be potentially quite dry.  The intention is to create self sufficiency rather than dependence, so there will be a lot of focus on understanding why things are done and then how concepts can be applied in a wider context.  It would involve a level of constructive criticism and potentially tedious practice with me on your back the whole time, so it would not be for the occasional hobbyist, rather someone who wants to achieve the highest level possible.  The most valuable knowledge is that which is earned rather than given…so perhaps it’s time for no more Mr. Nice Guy.

It would be over a weekend and based either up at Willowbog, Leeds, Derby or somewhere in the south (possibly Saruyama HQ) depending on the uptake and geography of students, who would be limited to four in order to maximise the time.

This will only work if there is demand for it, and for a format that people want, so in the interest of democracy (a terribly flawed concept), the options are

Species specific would cover one species in detail at three times a year, repotting, pruning and wiring.
In depth technique would cover one technique and how it can be applied to a range of species.

Now, I don’t want this to be seen as me thinking I am too good for doing the standard workshops, or that I have no interest in the “occasional hobbyist”, nothing could be further from the truth.  I just think that the current model needs a little expanding to take in those people who don’t attend workshops for whatever reason.  Any ideas, criticisms or suggestions gratefully received.

If there is no interest then I will get my coat…

But…for those that are interested then…enter the steeple of beautiful people, for there is only one kind…

My thanks to Mr. Invernizzi for the aural inspiration today…I suggest listening to the full track for one of the greatest ever funk soul tunes ever.


  1. Ingvar 2 years ago

    I'd be up fo it but my problem is location (I'm in Sweden). Still interested though, as long as there is no need to bring your own tools and trees (BYOTT?). All-inclusive package for me, please!

  2. Simon Haddon 2 years ago

    Hi Peter, cracking idea – thanks Marco!

    I'd seroiusly consider it as I need to up my game a notch or 2, especailly after our "negativity" chat at the Grown Up Babies!


  3. Anonymous 2 years ago

    If there is no interest, you will get your t-shirts and come to Greece. I really wish i was in the UK. Can i vote? :-)))

  4. 2 years ago

    Once a year for us on the Sunday? Starting September? With the possibility of a few of us popping over to Willowbog again at some point.

  5. Andy 2 years ago

    Can I give one vote for the south east I am up for this type of experience.

  6. Peter Warren 2 years ago

    That would be possible. Email me for more details, could even arrange pick up at stansted airport…there are cheap flights from stockholm on….shudder…ryanair

  7. Peter Warren 2 years ago

    Likewise theo, you can always fly over…but I thought you were more into just keeping trees? Do you really want me to shout at you for bad wiring?

  8. willowbogger 2 years ago

    I agree wholeheartedly with what you say Peter …………………. certainly one of the greatest soul tracks of all time :-)

  9. Peter Warren 2 years ago

    Be careful or my foot will be moving on up your ass…so far we gonna need an orthopaedic surgeon to remove it…

  10. willowbogger 2 years ago

    you may find , from time to time, complication ! take nothing less than the second best [ thats what we have to do up here at the end of June ]

    that is such a great dance track I have to add it to the play list for the forthcoming party to celebrate 40 years at Willowbog !!!

  11. Anonymous 2 years ago

    I have served in the army so i could go very easily with you shouting for bad wiring even at 4am. But seriously speaking, considering the total lack of any bonsai training in Greece, yes i still have to go on with "just" keeping trees.

  12. DaveKirkland 2 years ago

    Can pupils tell the teacher what they need to learn?
    (If not) I'd come to Willowbog sessions

  13. David Fairbanks 2 years ago

    If this was to happen somewhere i can get to (Midlands, Derby for example)i would be interested Peter.

    Hope you are well, love the blog


  14. Juno 2 years ago

    Hey Peter
    Great idea, I'd be interested if it's at Willowbog, definitely. Keep us posted

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