Kifu Sabina

One of the first yamadori sabina to arrive at Saruyama in the spring of 2013 and one of those rare trees that was almost immediately ready for styling.  It has a very tight and compact foliage type and branches in all the right places. There was very little work to be done other than finding the live vein and selecting the branches. An initial wiring and branch selection was performed in the summer and then allowed to grow.

With no negative reaction to the styling it was then transplanted during the spring of 2014 into a Stone Monkey pot which was easy due to the large amount of fibrous roots. Since then it has grown slowly but surely and has been pruned slightly to keep pushing the growth in the right direction.

Although it lacks dramatic twisted deadwood, the foliage is tight, compact and it will make an elegant small collected bonsai in only a very short space of time.  There is still plenty of work to be done on both the foliage and deadwood in terms of refinement, but the correct steps have been taken in the transformation from yamadori to finished tree.