Kinbon Juniper

During the summer of 2012 I was asked by Kinbon magazine to do a photoshoot and Mr. Kobayashi purchased an enormous Juniper for me to work on. He purchased it at an auction almost entirely for the pot and told me I could do what I wanted with the tree which was a bush. Thankfully we had two days to do the shoot as my senpai Mr. Akiyama was doing a concurrent photoshoot so we kept switching as and when it was required.

The work was documented by the magazine and was published by both Kinbon and then subsequently Bonsai Focus, where it was well received by many. I was helped out with some of the wiring towards the end but it was very much a solo effort, partially due to the success of the Gekkan Satsuki shoot earlier that year and Mr. Kobayashi just came and looked at the end with the comment “not bad at all”.