Beech rock planting

Another unloved piece of material from Willowbog nursery, a collected European Beech with an unusual character. It formed a clump style and had been created out of a fallen young tree that had been growing in sphagnum moss, meaning that roots formed half way along the trunk. The remaining branches then grew upwards and started to develop individual tree like shapes themselves. After collection it sat for several years gaining strength and being ignored.

After a year of looking at the tree and trying to wonder why it had been purchased, it was time to repot the tree and come up with a plan. The root structure was such that a traditional planting would not have been possible and as such it was planted on this unique rock, which was originally used as port of a gate post in the Lake District which had been thrown on a pile of rubble. By fixing the tree on the rock it was possible to arrange the trunk / roots so that it reverted back to its original genesis as a fallen tree. The removal of the heaviest and straightest trunk from the centre of the clump lightened up the entire composition and after several of the trunks were manipulated with wire it took on an open and delicate appearance.

A contemporary and slightly abstract design inspired by nature and created from discarded and unwanted material amking it representative of the aesthetic and spirit of a large part of bonsai practice here at Saruyama.

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