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By Peter Warren  

Donating for Youtube streams to help us continue teaching

Hopefully you are here after having justwatched one of the Youtube streams or participated in one of the Zoom classes that we are running as a result of being on Lockdown due to the Covid-19 crisis. We hope that they have been of use to you and that you would like to support their continued running and the running of the nursery and all the social media activities. It is not designed to be a massive money making enterprise, although if it does take off I will be inclined to take it seriously and do it more regularly.

Please donate what you can afford here, times are hard for everyone so do not feel obliged. NHS frontline workers or their equivalent doctors, nurses, paramedics, police, firemen etc, from any nation who are putting themselves on the line for the good of humanity do not need to donate. If you want more detailed information or anything then contact me directly and that is free too.

Please contact me directly through the various social media channels, the contact page here or on whatsapp on +447847417847 for any requests on topics to cover, smaller study groups, one to one sessions etc.

Many thanks for supporting Saruyama Bonsai and allowing us to continue making and creating bonsai, as well as pay the bills

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