Private Garden Visit

Although the workshop model is an efficient entry point into improving your bonsai collection, for many this does not work and require a more personal, one to one approach. This type of teaching and maintenance is the main focus of Peter’s work and has resulted in the improvement of many collections throughout the world. Working on a regular, three or four time a year basis with over twenty clients and on a semi regular basis with another twenty plus, this approach has reaped benefits for all involved.

Working on trees in situ allows for low risk, step by step improvement towards a mutually agreed goal and reduces the potential for misunderstanding or damage in transit.

Due to the nature of such a personal and bespoke service, some clients choose not to work on their trees and leave all decisions and work to Peter, whereas others want to work themselves under close guidance, the choice is entirely yours. Privacy will be respected at all times and discretion is assured for those who wish to keep their trees private.

Prices start from £300 per full day plus expenses, discounts for longer periods possible. Please contact for more details