Purple(ish) Haze

Purple(ish) Haze

Back in the land of the unpredictable weather and as I will be effectively out on the road until December  now is the time to get the winter preparations ready…although this morning was a gloriously autumnal morning.  One of those days when you are glad to be alive…

Returning back after just ten days there had been a massive change in foliage colour, and especially in one of my favourite species…the mighty Sumac.  A much under used tree in western bonsai because you can’t actually do anything with it other than just kind of grow it…and prune it when it gets too big. No fancy wiring nor styling decisions to be made so it gets over looked. Regular readers may know this tree but this year is the best colour I have ever seen it, and so here you are…

You can’t beat it for natural character, low maintenance and awesome autumn colours…

A big brother in the garden looks on….

and some little brothers wait to be potted up…love the way that only the edge which is not sheltered by the bench has turned…but that is a sign that the frosts are coming. Propane heater arrives tomorrow and will get most stuff inside, everything else will under cover.
Today was spent clearing out the greenhouse, getting yet more blocks and stuff for yet more shelves…but that means more space for more trees…but just for the time being…‘Scuse me while I kiss the sky…


  1. marcus watts 3 years ago


  2. willowbogger 3 years ago

    whatever it is you are on Trev ,, I want some !! I reckon Marcus has been at the fish bait again !!

    enjoy Norn Ireland, leave some red wine for me !

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