Red Pine

Another Japanese based long term project started during my apprenticeship, this tree was purchased by Mr. Kobayashi towards then end of the year in preparation for the coming new years sale. I took a fancy to it because of the aged bark and natural cascading character. At the time it was badly styled and had no obvious front. During discussions with a group of regular clients from Yokohama, I stated my love for the tree and suggested it to Mr. Tanaka, a man who I got on very well with due to similar tastes in trees. Discussing the front of the tree, the entire group except Mr. Tanaka and myself said that the current back should be the front, which at the time, was the easiest tree to make, but I told them it would have been a waste as the best branch and trunk movement dictated the front rather than the poor position of the apex. Mr. Tanaka agreed with me and I cheekily asked him to allow me to make the tree if he bought it. It was an easy sale and we made the promise to create the tree together.

After three years the tree had been transformed by pulling the apex around, developing the branches and building up a suitably airy amount of ramification and it was deemed show worthy. I was graciously allowed to use the tree as part of the Nippon Sakka Kyoukai show where it was displayed under my name.

Sadly no pictures exist from the initial stage (naturally) but the gallery shows the tree being decandled one year and then displayed later the same year.  My styling for the show was complimented by all fellow professionals for it’s natural refined feel and minimal use of wire with only four or five minimal wires on the tree in the final shot.  One of my favourite trees to have been a small part of.