Shohin White Pine

Despite Mr. Kobayashi’s leaning towards larger trees, I had the opportunity to work on many shohin trees during my apprenticeship, including these two white pines.

The first is one that I purchased myself and was transformed initially with just scissors and a change of angle. It is now growing far too healthily on my benches and is in need of needle size reduction.

Second was a tree from one of our shohin loving clients, the late and sadly missed Mr. Kagoshima, a gentleman and a bonsai lover. He brought this one small tree in and wanted it styling, I asked if he had a spare half hour and we spent it discussing trees and talking about how much quicker it is to work on shohin whilst I pruned and wired the tree. In many ways it was due to him that I started to develop a preference for smaller trees which has been strengthened by the fact I have a tiny garden.