Some pictures from the BSF convention….

Some pictures from the BSF convention….

As promised some pictures from the Florida convention from last weekend.  Thanks to President Charles and Mike “Hammerfist” Lebanik

As I mentioned there was a Horror Show on at the same time…

Thats right…A Chicken, with a decapitated head…both checking out the trees…

Who said the average ago of Bonsai enthusiasts was rising…sadly there was no sign of Evil-Lyn anywhere…

The horror show continues…me doing a bougie.

The finished tree.  A solution to the weak base needs to be found, I suggested either a rock or a deeper planting.  Also some carving needs to be done on the lumpy trunk/top right side, but seeing as I shared the stage with Ryan, it would have been bad form to whip out the Makita.

More to follow.

Our saturday night entertainment….


Stay frosty…

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  1. 3 years ago

    Ah man, I love MMA :-)

    Good job with the bougie.

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