Terms and Conditions

Saruyama Bonsai strives to offer a high quality service and we will go out of our way to ensure this however please understand that due to the nature of the business certain terms and conditions apply.

Purchasing trees

  • Shipping is only possible within the European Union due to phytosanitary restrictions.
  • All trees will be in a 100% healthy condition when sold unless notified.  Once the tree has left the garden, all legal responsibility is yours, however if something happens in transit or immediately after arrival then please contact us to discuss a solution.
  • Certain trees will not survive in certain climates.  This will be discussed before any sale.
  • Collected material / Yamadori will be guaranteed to have both sufficient roots and healthy foliage growth before sale. Any subsequent issues are entirely the responsibility of the owner. All trees are kept for at least one year and the majority have been transplanted and allowed to recover. As a result there are cheaper trees available elsewhere at your own risk. Again discussion will be had before each and every sale.  It is advisable to work on the trees with Peter and discount workshops or private garden visits can be arranged when purchasing trees.
  • Shipping, collecting or delivery is available as appropriate.

Purchasing pots

  • Many antique pots are damaged in some way due to their age and history of being used.  All damage will be disclosed in the description and subsequent discussion.
  • Dimensions are external, please contact for internal.
  • Damage in transit will only be replaced or refunded if, and only if photographs are taken when unpacking to clearly show any damage and claims are made immediately. I have yet to suffer any major damage in transit over twelve years of shipping.  Expensive or delicate items can be delivered or collected if appropriate.

Shipping times

Due to the international nature of Saruyama Bonsai, immediate shipping may not be available or even advisable, mid summer or deep winter shipping of trees is generally a bad idea.  We will try to get your items to you as soon as possible however please understand this may take some time, however it will be worth it.

Returns Policy

Due to the nature of the items, all sales are final and there are strictly no returns. If you are unsure of an item then please discuss and further pictures can be sent or arrangements made to see the item in person.  If something goes wrong or is not as described and it is our fault, then we will replace, refund and apologise, however we cannot take something back because you don’t like it.

Contact details

The best way to contact us is via email on the contact page however for legal reasons we need a postal address too. Please note this is not the address of the garden.

Saruyama Bonsai, Office 34, 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8JY, United Kingdom